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LCD Displays


The Samsung Touchscreen Overlay is a highly cost-effective way for your business to enhance your Samsung LFD displays with optimised functionality
• Installation of the overlays is fast and hassle-free
• This accessory with easy installation ensures the creation of a dynamic LFD with features like touchscreen functionality and protection from hazards with scratch-resistant protection glass

Optimise the Functionality and Longevity of LFDs
In today’s unstable economic environment, businesses are constantly looking for ways to “do more with less” and to enhance equipment functionality with as little expenditure as possible. Samsung overlay accessories can upgrade a company’s existing LFDs and eliminate the need to purchase new displays.

Captivate your audience with stunning, full high-definition (FHD) images and crisp text on Samsung EDE Series displays. This affordable digital signage solution gives you the essential functionality you need to easily produce attention-grabbing messages. Their slim, lightweight design makes installation a snap compared with cumbersome conventional displays, saving you needless start-up expenses. The displays feature direct LED (d-LED) BLU technology for rich picture quality, low power consumption and reduced operating costs.

Direct-LED technology
Provide immersive picture quality and deeper black tones with the new backlight dimming solution

Slim Bezel
Delivers distraction-free messaging with a thin profile and narrow bezels (9.5mm bezel on top and sides, 15.0mm bezel on bottom edge)

Full High Definition (FHD)
Ensures high-resolution images and text for consistently compelling promotional content

Ultra Clear Panel
Reduces light scatter and reflection for improved readability

Provides a simple way to link multiple displays for a broader range of digital content

Touch screen overlay compatible
Enhance information engagement and interactivity with touch screen functionality


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