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AMX Touch Panels



Control system operations begin with the user interface, AMX Touch Panels and Keypads, which use
a combination of touch-activated buttons and icons to easily and effortlessly navigate the system and carry out any required command. Whether you need to light up an entire boardroom or power down every inch of a 20,000 square foot estate, these interfaces are simple to operate, but smart enough to group the hundreds of required steps to deliver instantaneous, automated directions – all with the slightest touch.


From controlling one component to managing 1000 devices, no job is too large or too small for AMX NetLinx Integrated Controllers, the nerve centers of every control system. With smart processors and powerful memory reserves, these controllers can carry out multiple automated command sequences to produce instant, flawless results from the devices they control.


The AMX Control System was designed to communicate with the electronic devices that populate our entire world. From CD changers, plasma screens and jacuzzi jets, to cameras, projectors and communication satellites, AMX is ready to command, control and communicate with life around us – easily, accurately and efficiently.


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