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Case Studies


Requirement – To enable services to have the added benefit of images projected from a laptop PC onto a large screen.


Requirement – To provide the newly built centre, with a range of Audio Visual Solutions, enabling it to be multi-functional.


Requirement – To provide each of the 12 Cloister Rooms with a standard presentation system, allowing ease of set up and use by the Teaching Staff.


Requirement – A visual means of informing visitors and staff of day to day activities. 


Requirement – To replace the existing rear projection system in the Visitor Centre, to allow the projection room to be used for much needed storage space.


Requirement – To maximize the learning experience of the Students and to give the Teaching Staff  the benefit of leading edge Interactive Technology.


Requirement – To improve the projected image and control of the projector in the Main Hall.


Requirement – To provide the total audio visual solution in the Lecture Theatre and Teaching Rooms.


Requirement – To allow the same or different images to be displayed simultaneously on large wall screens. To simplify the control and improve the audio systems, making the Lecture Theatre more user friendly.


Requirement – To communicate to their workforce on the factory floor, a variety of issues including training, health and safety and production statistics.


Requirement – To provide the total Audio and Visual Solution to meet the wide ranging needs of the school when using the Main Hall.


Requirement – To upgrade and improve communications in the Council Chamber for Councillors and the Public.


Requirement - Upgrading of Training Rooms


Requirement – To meet the needs of Teaching Staff and to enhance the learning experience for the students.


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